Hanuman Chalisa


Hanuman as a symbol of unconditional devotion

Hanuman is in Hinduism the most important god to transform negativity and at the same time the symbol of highest devotion and divine love. Even today he lives immortally in the Himalayas and has appeared to many yogis, sadhus and swamis in dreams and even physically manifested. Due to his superhuman power, siddhis and riddhis become directly tangible as soon as one connects with him. Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa brings tremendous spiritual energies into our souls. It is not an ordinary event, but a connecting with most powerful divine energies and vibrations. In modern times, Hanuman plays an important role and enjoys great popularity in Hinduism, along with Shiva, Krishna and Ganesha, because he dissolves any kind of demonic or negative energies, as well as particularly powerful karmic entanglements.

The Hanuman Chalisa – Transformation and Spiritual Development

The Hanuman Chalisa is a poem by Tulsidas, an Indian poet of the 16th century. Each of the 40 verses of the Chalisa (_Chalis_: forty in Hindi) conveys a particular form of blessing and has the power to transform various difficulties in our lives. It is not even necessary to understand the meaning of the words, because it is not thought that changes a person, but what can be perceived beyond thought. Nevertheless, we translate all the verses so that the knowledge of Hanuman can be retrieved even in our waking consciousness.

Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman as a guru who guides our soul.

Guru means: From the darkness into the light! The term Guru is composed of Gu and Ru. The Sanskrit word Gu means darkness or ignorance and the word Ru means the one who removes this darkness. Therefore, one who takes the darkness and ignorance from us is a guru. Guru-purnima means the night of the guru.

A guru is not just a teacher. He is the one who is able to dispel spiritual darkness. Ignorance, avidya, is considered by Hindus (and Buddhists) to be the cause of all suffering and the endless wheel of rebirths (samsara). A guru can free man from this and lead him back to his true origin.

Hanuman can be our direct guru. Once he communicates with our soul, we reach certain states of enlightenment. This is the reason why Gurupurnima and reciting the Hanuman Chalisa are so particularly significant.

For the time being, the Chalisa will only take place online. More info will follow soon.

All the love – Your Bharati