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I am pleased to present you today again interesting news from my store. Also today everything revolves around the topic of spirituality, inner balance and strengthening your power.

The modern world is technologized and researched in every detail – but at the same time spirituality is present in our everyday life as never before. Especially for you I have put together some fantastic offers on this topic. I am convinced that they will inspire you.



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NEW! Navgraha chain with all 9 roots to balance the 9 planets

Rare Navgraha chain for balancing the 9 Grahas (= planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) In Vedic astrology this chain is used to balance and harmonize the negative sigifications of the 9 planets.

It is used to balance the influences of the Grahas in the unfavorable planetary phases, thus weakening and balancing unfavorable energetic influences of the planets. Each root comes from different trees that are considered sacred in India, as each of these trees is specifically assigned to a planet.

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Rose quartz mala

Wonderful rose quartz mala 108 + 1 beads. Rose quartz is said to have a healing effect, especially on a spiritual level, and it opens the heart chakra to all kinds of love.

It has a positive effect on self-confidence, relieves fears and worries and gives confidence. It is said that rose quartz helps to sharpen the senses for everything beautiful and greatly increases the joy of life.

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Sound flower Garden Bells

Wonderful sound game made of small brass bowls that have the shape of a bouquet of flowers. Put a few grains of birdseed in them, and the feathered visitors will make the bowls sound.

The delicate sound has a calming effect and creates a beautiful atmosphere.

Here you can listen to the sound of the Garden Bells.

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