Darkness Retreat

Immerse yourself in a very extraordinary experience.

Dialogue with your soul

Darkness retreats, also known as dark therapy, dark yoga or dark meditation, are an ancient method of self-discovery and for people in search of spiritual experiences. In this process, the seeker goes to meditate in a completely darkened room in order to lose the everyday focus on the outside world for some time and turn to their own inner knowledge. When the usual external stimuli are absent, our inner voice becomes steadily stronger and clearer. A dialogue with the soul takes place in the truest sense of the word. After a while, flashes of insight and visions of clarity penetrate the consciousness all by themselves, important questions of life are clarified as if by themselves. The desired duration and thus the intensity of a dark retreat is up to each person. In Tibet, Buddhist monks traditionally spend several weeks in darkness retreat, some even many years. This is of course not compatible with our lifestyle in Europe, but fortunately it is not necessary. Most people find a few days in the dark already an extremely interesting and healing experience.

Darkness Retreat

Supervised darkness retreat with daily counseling

In our beautiful seminar house in Sasbachwalden there are a total of eight specially equipped rooms. In each room there are various seating options and a comfortable bed. In addition, you can of course bring your own blankets, pillows or meditation seats. Here you can retreat and quietly re-establish contact with your inner voice. I will accompany you on your personal journey into the darkness and will be available for a 1-hour conversation every day. Of course, we also take care of healthy catering and have some additional specials on offer to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Darkness Retreat Registration and Info

If you are interested in a dark retreat, just contact me by phone at +49 (0)784-8392417 or Mail (info@spiritbalance.net) to make an appointment.

In a first Skype or phone conversation we will have the opportunity to get to know each other, clarify questions and discuss your stay.

My Darkness Retreat Offers