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The basic ingredients of vegan raw food are fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds and herbs. It is crucial that the food is not cooked or treated with heat so that the natural vital substances, such as vitamins and minerals, are not destroyed or washed out. The full nutritional value and unique energy of the food is thus preserved. At the same time, by not cooking or frying, the formation of harmful decomposition products, such as acrylamide, is prevented at the outset. Raw food thus represents a natural form of nutrition that creates ideal conditions for activating the body’s self-healing powers and regeneration. By changing the diet to raw food, the body is detoxified and health can be positively influenced in a few weeks or months, depending on the person. Good and long-term results are achieved especially in cases of obesity, diabetes, allergies, gout and gastrointestinal problems. However, it can also lead to significant improvements in health for other medical conditions. The good thing is: raw prepared dishes such as raw food bread, raw food chocolate, cookies, ice cream, cheese, smoothies and many other delicacies can be prepared by yourself with little effort.

Raw Food

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For both vegetarians and people who eat meat, the idea of eating exclusively raw food still seems like an exotic concept. No wonder, since we look back on culinary traditions around the world that are thousands of years old, in which most foods are cooked over a fire or in hot water. Yet raw food represents the very form of nutrition that our bodies have specialized in over the course of evolution. In the last 15 years I have gained a lot of experience with raw food. Especially with the topic of detoxification I have dealt intensively and personally accompanied many people. As a medically certified nutritionist with a diploma, I offer personal consultations on site and via telephone, Skype or e-mail. In doing so, I not only instill in my clients the desire to eat delicious raw food meals, but I am available as a companion throughout the entire process. In addition, I always publish delicious recipes on my blogs and organize seminars or seminar trips, where I teach the nutritional basics of a healthy raw food diet.

Raw Food

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