Astral Travel

Stripping away the boundaries of the body

Astral travel or out-of-body experiences (OBE) refer to a well-known phenomenon in which the consciousness leaves the gross, biological body for some time in order to have special spiritual experiences. In the process, one can not only observe oneself from the outside, but also explore other worlds in a weightless form. The everyday laws of physics are meaningless here; many can fly or pass through walls in the so-called astral body, for example. Out-of-body experiences are often very intense, formative events. Most people lose their fear of death through these wonderful soul experiences, because one learns firsthand that the spirit continues to exist independently of the body.

Astral Travel

Spiritual experiences are learnable

For many people, an OBE takes place completely spontaneously or is unconsciously evoked, for example by an accident, a shock or simply in the course of a natural, spiritual development process. Nevertheless, it is possible to learn conscious travel into astral space step by step. It takes some training and some persistence, but with the right exit techniques and good preparation, any person can manage to perceive and restore astral worlds at will. This is exactly what I would like to help with: In personal trainings, as well as seminars and webinars, I share all my knowledge and practical experience.

My Offers About Astral Travel

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