Experience Indian spirituality up close

Introduction to powerful Vedic knowledge

(Due to the current situation, no India trips will take place for the time being.)

Since 2008, I regularly organize trips for groups to special power places in North and South India.

To the participants of these spiritual pilgrimages I pass on my insider knowledge of Vedic practices and energy objects. Some of these practices – stemming from thousands of years of tradition – may only be passed on from person to person.

These include certain yantras and mantras that can be used for enlightenment and healing purposes – and also for solving worldly challenges.

These power words and symbols are highly effective tools on the spiritual path that can completely transform one’s life.

Experience Indian Spirituality Up Close

Encounter with authentic sadhus

My India retreats are much more than just tourist events as you can book them in a travel agency. They are characterized in particular by my long association with authentic, powerful yogis and yoginis. They have subjected themselves to decades of hard spiritual discipline. Many of them have renounced all possessions and worldly comforts at a young age in order to devote themselves entirely to the spiritual path.

Experience Indian Spirituality Up Close

Power Places in India – the Legacy of the Yogis

Many of the power places that we visit together in India are known only to a few. They are very special energy places, which are characterized by particularly powerful vibrations: Unknown places where very advanced spiritual masters often practiced intensive sadhana for decades. Not all of them passed on their knowledge to disciples.

But the absence of disciples in no way prevented these masters from leaving something very valuable to posterity: Some of the powerful cosmic energy they had built up in the course of their spiritual practices can still be felt today in the places of their sadhana.

This energy – this subtle, transcendent, yet very palpable vibration – is what makes the magic and healing power of these places. It is the true legacy of the yogis: a palpable presence that reveals itself to visitors and supports them on their spiritual path. These temples, caves and special natural places are known for the healings that people experience there time and again – even to the point of spontaneous self-healing of severe physical ailments.

Experience Indian Spirituality Up Close

Sadhana retreat in India – right for me?

I would like to enable all members of my groups to have their own spiritual experiences: Supported by the unique vibration of the Vedic culture, deep, authentic experiences can be experienced, which mostly remain closed to us in our western world. Therefore, your participation requires some guidelines that support you in opening up to the high vibrations of Vedic spirituality.

Experience Indian Spirituality Up Close

Openness & Flexibility

Instead of a rigid schedule, the daily program is often characterized by spontaneity. This can mean that we visit a temple together – and one of the sadhus present spontaneously decides to hold an informal satsang with the group. Or that some yogis spontaneously join our group to share some of their knowledge.

Experience Indian Spirituality Up Close

Malas and Mantras

My trips to India are strongly influenced by Sadhana, millennia-old spiritual practices that we perform together. These include the recitation of mantras, special meditation techniques and Vedic ceremonies.

You should have your own mala (prayer chain) and at least a basic knowledge of mantras. You have no experience with mantras yet? Then I invite you to inform yourself about this exciting topic on my YouTube channel.  You can find a large selection of high quality malas in the Spiritbalance Onlineshop.

Experience Indian Spirituality Up Close

Vegetarian lifestyle

It takes an open heart and an open mind to get the most energy out of this journey. Therefore, I recommend you to eat exclusively vegetarian already several weeks before the trip. Drugs like alcohol or cannabis products and also nicotine (!) are to be strictly avoided.

These guidelines have nothing to do with dogmas or a condemnation of the consumption of meat and mind-altering substances. Rather, a healthy body and a clear mind are prerequisites for absorbing the high vibrations – and thus deriving the optimal benefit from the journey.

Through our practice of Vedic spirituality together, high cosmic energies are felt. Consuming non-vegetarian food blocks the body’s energy system and thus closes the access to these cosmic vibrations. In addition, some very powerful yogis and sadhus in India simply do not make a true connection with people who still eat meat.

Experience Indian Spirituality Up Close

Preparation and integration

During our India trip we spend a lot of time in the presence of yogis and yoginis, in ancient temples, sacred mountains and other places of power. In addition, we meditate and recite together daily. All of this results in a strong influx of high spiritual vibrations into our body’s energy system. In order to integrate these vibrations in the best possible way, it is recommended to spend a few days on site before and after the trip.

The time before the start of the joint process is mainly for acclimatization and attunement. The time after the trip is very useful for reflecting on the experience and for relaxation. Our comfortable, stylish hotel in Tiruvannamalai – with outdoor yoga and meditation area and pool – offers the ideal conditions for this.